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Save Money. Save Water. No-Hassle Lawn. Life-like Appearance
Call Greenview Turf | (818) 675-0982
Save Money. Save Water. No-Hassle Lawn. Life-like Appearance
Call Greenview Turf | (818) 675-0982

Types of Turf

Since 2005, we have seen our products grow into what is now the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. We believe deeply in our products, services and the need for earth friendly solutions that help us sustain our shrinking amount of natural resources.
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Commercial Turf: Greenview Turf provides an ideal synthetic grass solution for high traffic areas, urban spaces, entrances and medians, pedestrian malls and beyond. Our lawns provide a first-class impression with lifelike appearance and texture, every day and year after year, rain or shine … with none of the upkeep that a natural lawn demands. Products conserve water and contribute to green building, they’re safe for people and pets, and they drastically reduce maintenance costs.
Pet Turf: Greenview Turf can design and build a pet turf system specifically purposed for use by the pest you love. We will install synthetic grass that is soft on your pet’s pads, but durable, lifelike and resilient. Say goodbye to dead grass, muddy holes and everyday maintenance. Greenview Turf is stain-proof, non-toxic and insect-resistant. Moreover, when your pets poo, their mess rinses clean and drains efficiently. Additives such as non-absorbent Durafill and Artificial Turf Deodorizer help keep the surface pleasant-smelling!
Kids Play Areas: Greenview Turf designs synthetic grass for your children’s feet. Children play nicer and cleaner on synthetic grass with none of the mud spots of natural grass, none of the bugs that wood chips attract, none of the scuffs and abrasions that go with concrete/asphalt or poured rubber. They’ll play nicer and safer on soft, synthetic grass that contains no lead or heavy metals, no splinters or hidden objects, and meets or exceeds the shock absorbency of a natural grass. Greenview Turf can also install additional underpads under playground equipment for added safety. With Greenview Turf’s kid-play area there’s more time for play, because Greenview Turf outlasts grass and needs none of the everyday maintenance.
Putting Greens: Greenview Turf’s putting greens bring the golf club experience to your backyard. Our putting greens roll true like the greens at the club. The speed of our putting greens meet or exceed U.S. Golf Association championship standards, and we install aluminum cups for maximum realism, playability and longevity. We follow our clients’ designs and build your course to any size or any shape you desire. Surround the putting green with a turf fringe to work on your short game, and you can accessorize your putting green with contours, tiers and bunkers, even lighted holes. Greenview Turf putting greens are virtually maintenance-free, with none of the daily work that a real-grass golf paradise requires.
Residential: No rain, no problem Greenview Turf makes sure you have lawn perfection! Greenview Turf landscape products are designed to have the beautiful appearance and texture of an immaculate natural lawn and blend beautifully with existing bushes, trees, flowers and hardscape. Greenview Turf installation is detailed and the turf features realistic colors and hues with a “dead grass” thatch layer for additional realism. Synthetic grass is green every day, year after year, regardless of weather – with none of the daily maintenance real-grass lawns require. Greenview Turf is also 100% recyclable and lead-free.
Sports Turf: Greenview Turf can provide an advanced synthetic grass for athletic field and sports-related applications. Our experience and exclusive TigerTurf fiber technology combine to build a superior playing surface with warranted performance. The lead-free polyethylene blades are long, soft and supple but resilient, non-abrasive and durable. The grass fiber is tufted to a heavy-duty backing that drains efficiently and provides all-weather playability. Distributed between the grass blades is shock-absorbent “artificial soil” that promotes proper traction and foot “give” with enhanced safety. Greenview Turf requires minimal maintenance, resulting in substantial cost savings and affordability.


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